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A view of Hull

The Old Town

22a26: High St, 1979 - The Old Town
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John A Scott, lighter owners, had at least two warehouses and a registered office in High St listed in Kelly's Directory in the 1920s. John Scott was born in Beeford, a village between Bridlington and Hull, in 1827 and was a lighter owner long before the company Gilyott And Scott Ltd were incorporated in 1901. was formed. For a time the company also operated a fleet of lorries. They were a major owner of tugs and lighters in Hull certainly after 1964 when they brought together the companies of William Gilyott, John A. Scott, T.F. Wood, Furleys and John Deheer. The company was liquidated around 1993. The building is still easily recognisable at around 37 High St, on the east side a little north of Bishop Lane Staith.

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