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The Old Town

19u53: Prince's Dock Chambers, Prince's Dockside,, 1979 - The Old Town
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Prince's Dock was opened in 1829 as a link between Humber Dock and the Old Dock (renamed as Queen's Dock after a royal visit in 1854 and filled in as Queen's Dock Gardens in the 1930s). The 1802 Act of Parliament for the Humber Dock had called for such a dock to be constructed when traffic grew sufficiently. Built as Junction Dock, it too was renamed after the royal visit in honour of Prince Albert. It closed in 1968, and since then much of it has been covered by the shopping centre, built on stilts. I'm not sure if this building is still standing, but it has either been demolished or refurbished beyound recognition. In the reflection I think you can see across Prince's Dock to a building on the corher of Waterhouse Land and Osborne St and the Humberside Police HQ on the corner of Osborne St andf Myton St, which places this building close to the north end of Prince's Dockside.


Still Occupied

Images on this site are arranged into rough areas by location as in my book 'Still Occupied', available on Blurb. Eventually this site will contain all the images in that book and more.


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