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1n75: Humber, 1973 - Humber

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This sailing barge tied up in Humber Dock Basin looks very neat and tidy is probably a Dutch barge, though these differ only marginally from Humber Keels. The short mast would probably support a single square main sail, and such boats also now have an engine. They were mostly used on rivers and canals but could also make coastal journeys or cross the North Sea, at least in suitable weather. I photographed it around 1973, one of the first pictures I made in Hull. The pier in the background is at the end of Minerva Terrace, and has since been replaced by a rather longer and sturdier version which unlike the old one is open to the public. The dockside has also been altered, and now has a flood wall, and quite near where I took this there is now an ornamental cannon.


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