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The Old Town

23e61: Wellington St Bridge, 1980 - The Old Town
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This view is from the south-east corner of tbe Wellington St swing bridge across the entrance lock to Humber Dock. The railway track across the bridge was on the far side. The bridge was designed by Hull's Dock Engineer from 1842-1858 John B. Hartley and made by the Haigh Foundry Co, Wigan, opening in 1846. Originally it was swung by hydraulic power, with a backup hand powered system, and a complex gear system housed in cylinders by the bridge (perhaps one at the left of the picture) driving a rack and pinion system. The bridge has two leaves, each supported on a circular track with a number of small wheels, and is listed along with the dock. An apparently unsuccessful attempt was made to convert the bridge to electrical operation in the 1980s, but bridge was 'rehabilitated' in 2007 with new electric slewing drives by engineering frim DavyMarkham.


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