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32n36: East Hull Hairdressing Salon, Church St, 1982 - East Hull

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Still Occupied

Images on this site are arranged into rough areas by location as in my book 'Still Occupied', available on Blurb. Eventually this site will contain all the images in that book and more.

I photographed this boarded up shop on the corner of Church St at its junction with Great Union St, and expected it to be gone next time I walked past. Surprisingly both it the cafe which adjoined it under the same roof on the left are still there, though now a single business with a new frontage and re-roofed. The neighbouring three storey building which was to its right and is shown in another picture I too is also still standing, and they all look in rather better condition than in 1982.
In 2008 the hairdressers and cafe were both 'Sue's Drypool Feast Cafe' but it is now the 'Take a Break Cafe', with much the same advertising. I kept meaning to have breakfast there during my recent stay in Hull, just a few hundred yards away, as it was highly recommended by some, but I just didn't feel up to a hearty English breakfast the mornings I was there. Perhaps next time.
From Facebook: Hull: The good old days
Karl Mawer My dad used to take me here, back then it was one cut, shortback and sides, was a Jewish man and he opened on a Sunday morning....
Trevor Arthur Tom Smith I lived near there remember he had a gas fire,in front of it on the floor was a page of newspaper and on it slices of bread,never did see the bread getting darker.That was in the 50s.


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