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A view of Hull

The Old Town

19u44: Humber Dock, 1979 - The Old Town
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The tall warehouses by Railway Dock were one of the few dockside features to be preserved after the closing of Humber Dock in 1968. Much of the dockside area as this picture shows was broken up. The dock was later dredged to become Hull Marina, and the warehouses were renovated. Only these three of the bays of the original warehouses along most of the length of Railway Dock have been retained; a few years earlier there had been a much more impressive range of seven. Railway Dock was the first of Hull's docks to have a direct rail connection when it was opened in 1846, shortly after the Hull and Selby Railway opened its Manor Street terminus in 1840, and there was later a large goods shed behind Railway St on the west side of Humber Dock as well as a line over the Wellington St Bridge and down the east side of Humber Dock and on to Prince's Dock.


Still Occupied

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